Village Gate 2014 Summer Camp Program

The Village Gate Summer Program is a 6 Week Program from June 23rd – August 1st with individual weekly themes. Each week will consist of several field trips, swimming, team building and outside play with a splash of reading, writing and study skills.

Week 1: Alive with Music (June 23rd – 28th)

Music is a language all its own. It can make us happy and illicit feelings of sadness, we use it to celebrate and to mourn, it is found in churches and National Anthems – Music adds flavor to everything we do!

During the Alive with Music Camp Week, we will explore all types of music, how the same music done at different  tempos or by different artists can create a different experience, the basics of music (beat, rhythm, harmony, tempo) and we will create music both with real instruments and with some amazing computer programs. In addition, we will have a couple of local musicians come in to share their stories and visit the Museum of Making Music. Join us as we bring Music Alive!  

Week 2: If You Build It… (June 30th – 3rd)

Our world is made up of things that were built.  Buildings, bridges, roads, technology, cars, movie sets, furniture, the list goes on… In this session we will put our creativity to work by building a variety of things with a variety of materials.  We will explore simple machines, famous structural landmarks, build things that are functional as well as building things that are entirely creative. This session is for any child who loves to work with their hands, who loves to explore new and different ways to make familiar things and those who are creative - In short…  It is for EVERY child!

We will explore building with different materials and the importance of engineering & design. Our campers will build forts, aqueducts, robots, and a simple tree house. Come Build with Us!

Week 3: Under the Sea (July 7th – 11th)

There is an entire world that lives under the water! This week of camp, our campers will learn about sea creatures, tides and the effect of the moon and the ecology of the ocean including coral, plant life and algae.

During the Under the Sea Camp Week, we will go tide pooling, visit an aquarium, talk about water safety and spend some time in the ocean. Join us as we sink below the tide to see what’s swimming among the fish!  

Week 4: Creepy Crawlies (July 14th – 18th)

Our campers will learn all about reptiles, amphibians and arthropods - All things multi-legged. They will learn the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous critters and how to safely handle or avoid reptiles. Campers will gain lots of knowledge of ecosystems, the environment, the global extinction crisis, zoology, taxonomy, and more!

We will have a visit from the reptile guy, go on a critter hunt and visit the Wild Animal Park. Get ready for a week of cold-blooded friends!

Week 5: Express Yourself! (July 21st – 25th)

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder… This will be a fun week of creativity, getting our hands dirty and letting our imaginations run wild! We will explore various mediums of art: painting, sculpting, ceramics, graffiti, animation, photography and so much more! We will visit an Art Museum and a couple of local galleries along with several art lessons with local artists. The end of this week will culminate with our own gallery showing of the art we created throughout the week. So, grab your brush, your camera, and clay and come Express Yourself!

Week 6: Culinary Creations (July 29th – August 2nd)

During Culinary Creations Week, the children will get familiar with the kitchen, the components of recipes and the nuances of cooking. In addition, we will bring in a nutritionist to talk about the importance of making healthy choices and we will tour a functioning kitchen.

Our campers will learn the difference between sautéing and simmering, baking and grilling, minced and shredded. They will get to cook, bake, decorate, set a table and develop a good understanding of taste. Not only will they get to make several dishes of their own, they will also shop, chop and serve their meals. Your children will come home ready to make YOU dinner. Now THAT’S something to get excited about! Let’s get cooking!!!


5 Half Days (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM) - $130 - $200/ Week or

5 Full Days (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) - $185 - $275/ Week

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